Wednesday, October 23, 2013

37th meeting, Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

MoKS presents:
with Nele & Taavi Suisalu
Wednesday, October 30th
Eesti Rahva Muuseum, Tartu

This month's helikoosolek features a visit from Estonian artists, sister and brother Nele & Taavi Suisalu. They will be presenting some of the experiments conducted as artists-in-residence at Püha Vaimu Saal in October:

"We arrived at the residency with the intention of using the human body as a potential sound generator and manipulator. We were also interested in the communicative aspects of sound: considering voice as a link between inner selves and outer space. Some documentation of our process and public showings are available on the residency's blog." - Taavi Suisalu

Taavi Suisalu is currently finishing his MA in New Media department of Estonian Academy of Arts, primarily working in the context of technology, sound and performance. He is primarily concerned with dealing, revealing and/or intervening in socio-cultural constructs and researching how these shape and influence the behavior, perception and thinking of social beings. He is a member of the performative sound art collective Postinstrumentum. For more information see

Nele Suisalu is an artist working mainly in contemporary dance, being also interested in vocal/sound experimentations. She is a member of collective Nomad'act that aims to dodge categorization by mixing media, multiplying means, manipulating the modes of creation and production, and the access to the audience. Since 2007 living and working mainly in France. For more information see

helikoosolek:tartu is a regular gathering for the exploration of sound in all forms. The meetings comprise presentations, concerts, workshops, discussions, and field trips pertaining to sound and its consideration in art, music, architecture, ecology, philosophy, social and cultural interaction, and any other context that presents itself. Participants are encouraged to propose activities or discussions on topics of their interest, or to present projects of their own for feedback. Sessions take place on the last Wednesday of each month, from 6-8pm at the Eesti Rahva Muuseum.

helikoosolek:tartu is organised by MoKS and supported by Eesti Rahva Muuseum, Tartu Linnavalitsus, and Eesti Kultuurkapital.