Thursday, May 19, 2011

14th meeting, Wednesday, May 25th

MoKS presents:
with John W. Fail
Wednesday, May 25th
Eesti Rahva Muuseum, Tartu

For May's helikoosolek,"Partial musician" John W. Fail will look at the aesthetics of contemporary outsider experimental music, with a concrete bend.  Specifically, the work of one obscure axis of musicians - Graham Lambkin, The Shadow Ring, Idea Fire Company, etc. - will be listened to and discussed.  Topics will include: sound art vs. music, imagery and expression, isolation and obfuscation, and maybe if things go that way, the culture and marketing of sound.

John W. Fail (b. 1980, Pittsburgh) is an artist and organiser working in Tallinn. He has released recordings under his own name and in several group projects, working in an intersection of improvisation, modern concrète and sound art. Since 2009 he has co-facilitated Ptarmigan, a non-commercial project space in operating in Helsinki and Tallinn. He has worked professionally in the area of digital preservation and written academically on film theory and avant-garde literature. He is one organiser of the Helsinki Public School, the current facilitator of the Svamp sound improvisation workshops, and has operated the record label Cenotaph for ten years.

helikoosolek:tartu is organised my MoKS and supported by Eesti Rahva
Muuseum and Tartu Kultuurkapital.