Wednesday, May 31, 2017

helikoosolek presents: antez & taavi suisalu LIVE

helikoosolek presents:

antez (FR)
taavi suisalu (EE)

LIVE at the tartu university museum, on saturday, june 3rd, 2017 at 7pm

NB: ALSO, please note that Antez will be giving a workshop at the same location on SUNDAY AFTERNOON, June 4th, at 2PM, exploring his collection of instruments and his 'Continuum' resonance techniques, open to anyone who attends Saturday night's concert. Everything is free entry, come and join us!

helikoosolek returns with another of its series of occasional events in tartu, featuring live performances in the amazing setting of the ruins alongside the tartu university museum on toomem├Ągi.

more info via the facebook event here.


Antez is a percussionist and sound sculptor who explores sound and matter by interrogating the physical perception of sound, and his relation with space and the realm. He is convinced that the capabilities of sonic experimentation with acoustic instruments are without limit. He calls his instruments devices, diverting the objects from their intended use. Antez will be presenting his ongoing performance project ‘Continuum’.

The performer’s comments about Continuum: 

“The root of this performance is the playing of the sympathetic resonance of the room structure, individually sculpted according to its architectural singularity, in which the progression of the performance remains permeable to the immediate moment, exclusively using acoustic methods of production and governed by movement which involve the full motor capabilities of the body.

My first challenge, to produce a continuous sound with a percussion instrument, evolved through an investigative exploration of the acoustic gifts of the performance space. A large drum is used as an amplifier, with various implements rubbed on the skin to activate its vibrational potential. These implements are positioned beforehand around the drum for access during my circular walk. After having personally developed this technique for eight years, I've highlighted three key elements in the interrelationship :

.The atmospheric condition of the space and its volume for its influence on the vibration propagation.
.The regularity of the ground levelling
.The specific nature of the audience and the energy which emanates from the venue.
( Energy in the etymological sense of the word "force in action".)

Today my knowledge of materials and shapes allows me to produce sound vibrations that are often compared to some particular sounds from synthesizers. However, the physical perception of my sounds have nothing in common with those issued by a loudspeaker. We are no longer in that frontal relationship as with a soundwave emitted by a membrane. The immersion phenomenon in the sound material is no longer dependent on the power of a sound system, but by the resonance of the surrounding structures.

From larger through to smaller scales, all turns around an axis.
During the performance, mine is the horizontal drum.
The focus of my rotations consciously refers to ancetral rituals used by numerous cultures and civilizations, called sinistrocentric circumambulation.


Taavi Suisalu (1982) is an Estonian artist, who works with technological art, performance and sound art, with an interest in various socio-cultural phenomena and their effect on the behaviour, senses and thinking of social beings. He has studied sociology and computer sciences at Tartu University, and in 2010 he graduated from Department of Media and Advertisement Design at Tartu Art College and received an MA in 2014 from the Department of New Media at the Estonian Academy of Arts. 

While listening to the skies, Suisalu has found the peak engineering achievement of the Cold War – abandoned satellites still in orbit. The wonky signals still emitted by these tired devices may be useless in terms of their initial purpose, but they have found an unexpected new life through the artist. Although the basic material is pre-recorded, the sounds heard at the concert will depend on which satellites will be passing above our heads at the time.


ALSO - Antez will be giving a workshop at the same location on SUNDAY AFTERNOON, June 4th, at 2PM, exploring his collection of instruments and his 'Continuum' resonance techniques, open to anyone who attends Saturday night's concert. Everything is free entry, come and join us!

Antez workshop
Sunday, June 4th
Tartu University Museum

"Perception & Interpretation"

A brief meeting to explore sound perception and an introduction to improvisation with sound materials in the space.

2 or 3 hours
all ages welcome
10 persons maximum

please bring pencil and paper
you may also come with musical instruments and sound objets

- The creation of an individual sound card in a public place previously selected for its acoustic ambience.
- Individual time for the exploration of instruments and sound objets.
- Exploration of sound transcription and collective action.
- Methods of transcription and study of interpretation.
- Collective experimentation.


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