Thursday, July 29, 2010

5th meeting report

Many thanks to Marko Kosnik for joining us yesterday at the helikoosolek. We explored ideas of corporeal (or individual physical) tunings, running through a series of vocal exercises as a way of seeking the individual resonant frequencies within our own bodies, and discussing the inherent inconsistencies of institutional forced matched tunings on bodies that are intrinsically different.  We recorded our vocal experiments, including collective vocal exercises in which each participant had ears covered, in order to concentrate specifically on 'singing in'.  we will be posting samples from some of these recordings, as well as a few images, shortly.

We are also looking for ideas from the community for upcoming helikoosolek editions. If you have an idea for an activity, workshop, exploration or presentation, let us know! The next meeting will be Wednesday, August 25th; stay tuned for details! And for our participants: comments are open below; please let us know if you what you thought!

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