Thursday, February 28, 2013

30th meeting report

thanks to everyone who joined us for our contact microphone-making session yesterday. everyone managed to leave with their own functioning mic, and we even had some time to try them out and make some initial experiments - pretty good going for only two hours. here are a few images and some extracts from the recordings we made. at the bottom you will also find, as promised, details of the playlist of recordings we listened to during our meeting, with links for more information on each artist. for those of you who were with us: please don't hesitate to contact any of these artists if you have any questions of comments about what you heard, i'm sure they would all be more than happy to hear from you!

these are extracts from recordings made on the handful of audio recorders we had at our disposal. these ranged from hard disk recorders to digital dictaphones to even one microcassette recorder. you can listen through, or try creating your own mix. this first recording was made with the microcassette recorder, and the strangeness of its sound comes not only from the medium but also from the compression as the sound was transferred from cassette to computer.

of course one of the most attractive things in a room full of people with contact microphones is a piano.

although we also had some percussion on the room's ventilation covers.

these are the sounds inside the sound system's amplifier.

and the sound of a chair being rolled across the floor.

and at least one person made it out of the room to record the bathroom sink.

and of course the toilet.

and the playlist:

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