Thursday, April 24, 2014

42nd meeting, Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Wednesday, April 30th
!!! AND special event: Tartu soundwalk on Friday, May 2nd at noon !!!
Eesti Rahva Muuseum, Tartu

This month's helikoosolek, and our special Friday event, have been planned in conjunction with ERM's current multimedia installation, Kõrvuti, which focuses on human perspective and interaction with and in urban space.

For this month's regular meeting we'll be taking a global tour of urban soundscapes, exploring the differences and similarities of the sounds of the world's cities. Using the resource of the Aporee Soundmaps, we'll follow our noses around the globe, exploring sounds by location and/or theme, telling stories and retracing footsteps. Bring you own experience and requests and help us plan our journey!

We'll also be exploring the local soundscape of the city of Tartu with a Tartu city soundquiz! How well do you know the sounds of your city? Come and find out; and yes, there will be prizes!

Also, on Friday, May 2nd, as part of our special KÕRVal-Tartu program, will be exploring the sounds of Tartu directly, with a Tartu city soundwalk. We'll explore some of the most famous and more hidden sounds of the city from the perspective of our ears. Our walk will comprise several different techniques, solo and group walks with eyes open and closed, and extended listening 'soundsits' in a few chosen locations. We'll be meeting in the ERM café at noon and departing from there. Dress appropriately and wear comfortable shoes!
helikoosolek:tartu is a regular gathering for the exploration of sound in all forms. The meetings comprise presentations, concerts, workshops, discussions, and field trips pertaining to sound and its consideration in art, music, architecture, ecology, philosophy, social and cultural interaction, and any other context that presents itself. Participants are encouraged to propose activities or discussions on topics of their interest, or to present projects of their own for feedback. Sessions take place on the last Wednesday of each month, from 6-8pm at Eesti Rahva Muuseum.

helikoosolek:tartu is organised by Patrick McGinley and supported by Eesti Rahva Muuseum and Tartu Linnavalitsus.

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